March Recap

Our first week we learned all about our five senses.  We made smelly flowers, texture boards, and taste charts.  Walking in paint to create footprints was a favorite activity although, popping popcorn without a lid on it was also very popular.  Pastor Leta’s chapel also talked about our five senses with God.  How did they think he smelled (like a flower), how did he touch (like a hug), how does he sound (like a lion).  Thanks Pastor Leta!

The next week we studied our community helpers.  We made our own apron to help bake something with Mom.  We painted a very grey tooth white and we made a tooth fairy box for that very special day when we lose a tooth.  Our field trip this month will be the garbage garage where we will learn all about what happens to our garbage in Fort Collins.

Our last week we learned all about oceans and what is inside of them.  We made an ocean in a bag, jelly fish, and the kids very favorite sand activity, sand in a bottle.  We are quickly going through the letters of the week progressing up to the letter ‘W’.  The children are really grabbing onto our letter of the week and Jenn and I know it will also benefit them when they start kindergarten.

We still have openings for the 2012-2013 school year.  If you are interested or know someone who would like more information, contact us at 970-484-7412.