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We keep the kids busy at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Preschool, always engaging them in new and exciting ways. From field trips, crafts, and open play time, the kids learn all about the world around them and have a little fun while doing so. Our crafts and activities are carefully planned to coordinate with the topic of focus for the week. Each activity is tailored to ensure that we engage each sense and cater to everyone’s unique learning styles.

Arts and Crafts

Art and creativity are important in preschool! At OSLP we offer many open-ended art activities, as well as fun crafts. On any given day, we may paint a portrait, make an ocean in a bag, create a pretty smelling flower with perfume, or make a jellyfish. All of our arts and crafts are targeted to engage and reinforce the current weeks learning topic.

Fun Activities

Learning doesn’t have to be all work and no play! We work hard to make sure we sprinkle in as much fun as possible here at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Preschool. Some of the more silly things your child will take part in are: Silly sock and Crazy Hair Day, painting with whipped cream, Pajama and Movie Day, and the ever popular Water Day. The list of activities is really quite endless but, you can be sure your child will never have a dull moment.

Field Trips

Who doesn’t look forward to a field trip every now and then? We aim to have several field trips a year for each class. Field trips provide real world experiences to show children that the things we are learning have practical applications. Below is a sample of some of the field trips your child will take part in while at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Preschool.


The Farm at Lee Martinez ParkThe Farm at Lee Martinez Park provides an exceptional hands-on learning experience and is always a favorite trip!  Along with touring the farm to see all the different animals and learn about farming, we also take a hay ride.    


Fort Collins NurseryWe take a trip to the Fort Collins Nursery to learn about various trees and plants.  The trip typically includes a craft project which, in the past, has been wonderful smelling Christmas wreaths.