December Recap

December was, of course, a very full month for us at the preschool.  We started off with a huge bang with the craft fair.  Honestly, if I could do cartwheels, I would be doing them all over the church.  It is a fantastic fund raiser, just a ton of work.  We brought in about $5000 dollars.  Thank you everyone for supporting us with cookies, shopping at the fair, buying goodies from the fleat market, and eating Kraut Burgers.  Also, thank you to Thrivent Financial for their supplemental funds to help us continue our scholarships.  We are so thankful for each and every one of you for supporting our ministry at Our Saviour’s.

The first week of December, we decked our halls.  We put our Christmas tree, made our wishes well known to Santa, and hung our wreaths from our wonderful field trip to Fort Collins Nursery.

The second week we traveled to Germany where St. Nicholas came to visit us.  We left our shoes outside our room and St. Nicholas filled them with candy and oranges.  When St. Nick rang his bells, one our little girls got so excited that she smacked her chin on the table!  Seeing their faces during this time (thanks to his office elves by the way) is the most magical moment of the month for Jenn and I.  We also visited Babushka in Russia and learned all abuot the gifts the children gave the Christ child at Christmas in Mexico.

Our last week was Gingerbread Mania.  Ms. Jenn made very delicious gingerbread cookies and told the story of the little gingerbread boy and, wouldn’t you know, he escaped from the oven and we searched all over the church for him!  He left a huge mess and, rumor has it, the janitor was not so excited about it.  We also made gingerbread houses.  Ms. Jenn has a ton of energy!

Pastor Leta’s chapel was all about telling the good news of the baby Jesus’ birth and taught the children “Go tell it on the Mountain”.  Pastor Michael told them the story of Jesus’ birth and we sang “Silent Night”.  Thank you Pastors for making our children feel so special.

We will take a few weeks off for rejuvenation and hit it strong in January.  We hope you all have a restful and peaceful break this season!  If you know anyone who is looking for a preschool in Fort Collins, Windsor, or Loveland area for 2012 please have them give us a call at 970-484-7412.