January Recap

We are back in session and running to keep up with the children.  It is amazing how happy all the parents are to see Jenn and I after Christmas break!

Our first week back is Silly Week!  We have game day where the children bring games from home to play.  We had silly sock and silly hair day this year which was pretty interesting.  Of course the highlight of the week is P.J. Day.  My how they love to wear their jammies to school.  As one child told me, “Ms. Bev, school should be like this every day don’t you think?”  Maybe he is on to something.  Jammies, coffee, and a good book.  I could get used to that.

Our second week was Let it Snow week.  The weather sort of cooperated, though we could have possibly renamed it “Let it blow strong winds week”.  We made button snowmen, read “The Mitton”.  We also had snowcones and “painted” with cool whip.

Our third week we learned all about pets.  We made a puppy puppet, a kitty puppet, a fish tank, and a pet collage.  We also went on a field trip to Pet Co.  I always wonder how many parents end up with a fish or a mouse after this trip.

The last week we learned all about numbers.  We sequenced numbers, found mystery numbers, and my all time favorite, we graphed with M&M’s!

We are getting ready for next years enrollment.  Our present students begin enrolling on January 30th – February 3rd.  Our church community enrollment is February 4th – 5th.  The Fort Collins, Windsor, and Loveland and surrounding areas and communities begin enrollment on February 6th.  If you are interested in preschool for the 2012-2013 school year, contact us at 970-484-7412.