April Recap

Our first week we celebrated Easter.  Pastor Leta shared with them the Easter story using Resurrection Eggs.  I think it helped the children to have a firmer grasp with the story.  We also painted Easter eggs with condensed milk and made bunny ears!

The second week we learned all about dinosaurs.  Every year it amazes me at how much they know and that they can pronounce the names.  We also painted and stuffed a dinosaur and we made dinosaur puppets.  At the end of the week we had parent-teacher conferences.  Our kiddos are all doing very well and our Pre-K classes are all very much ready for kindergarten next year.

The third week was farm week.  Ms. Jenn taught them all about how to milk a cow and we made a barn with all the animals inside and outside.  We also made pig noses and five little ducks in a pond.  Our week ended with a field trip to Lee Martinez Farm where we had a tour and a hay ride.

Our last week we learned all about bugs and butterflies.  We made a blot butterfly to teach them about symmetry, coffee filter butterflies, and their personal favorite, glow-in-the-dark fireflies.  The children absolutely love to turn off all the lights in the bathroom and fly their fireflies around.  SO COOL!

The class butterflies we have been caring for cooperated and left their chrysalis so the children could see them.  We also welcomed two chicks as classroom pets (thanks to Jax).  The children are thrilled with them!

Only three weeks left of school this year and it has flown by for all of us!