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Fall is Here at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Preschool!


What a month September has been!  The children toured the school and made binoculars to help us see all the really cool things about our school.  We spent time identifying the first letter of our names or just on knowing what our name looks like.  We also made new friends and explored who lives in our families.  For art, we traced the children’s bodies and let them color themselves in.  We also painted outside with a friend, which is always a favorite activity.

Letter of the Week

Each week we will be highlighting one letter of the alphabet for our four and five year old Pre-Kindergarten classes.  The alphabet knowledge will include letter names, letter sounds, letter formation, and upper and lower case identification.  We have already covered the letters A, B, and C.

A new concept we have introduced each day is to have your child write out their full name (or their first initial) when they come into the room.  The children seem to be enjoying this new skill.

Skills for Next Month

Each month we try to highlight which skills we are working on.  Next month you can expect your children to learn phonemic awareness, initial sounds, letter and sound recognition, tactile activities, color awareness, and movement.  We will work on these skills with all of our classes (with age appropriate degrees of depth).  We feel it is very important for you to know what we are working on as we are preparing them for their next educational step in their lives.

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